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We are an Iñupiat family owned beverage manufacturer in Fairbanks, Alaska. 


We create delicious THC infused drinks made with natural ingredients. Sourcing distillate oil from Alaska cultivators and using cutting edge nano emulsification technology, we offer extremely bio available and fast acting effects from our products. These beverages are ideal for micro dosing, making non-alcoholic cocktails, or simply enjoying direct from the bottle!

All the animals on the labels for each flavor are named after real creatures and have names, Ruffles the Raven, Akluk the Brown Bear, Atiquasiq the Porcupine, Frostbite the Reindeer and more to be introduced. Our families are from the Nome region in the Northwest Arctic, Deering and King Island.

We strive to provide high quality products, carefully brewing, pasteurizing and infusing each beverage with premium blended THC emulsions and then polishing and labeling each bottle with love and care, that every local or out of state visiting consumer has the best experience possible.

Join the family!

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